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    Thursday, December 03, 2009  

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    Saturday, December 16, 2006  

Worked on sat ....

After a very long time, had been to office. I even don't remember being to office on sat.... Today had been to work as they made it as a working day ;) because we lost a day due to our tech fest - OSMOSIS. Had to struggle a bit for lunch as it was not a working day for lunchwalas. but still got something to fill my tummy on time.. There are essence of being to work tomorrow aswell.. so catch u tomo with more updates.

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    Thursday, December 14, 2006  


OSMOSIS - "diffusion of molecules through a semipermeable membrane from a place of higher concentration to a place of lower concentration until the concentration on both sides is equal" - meaning you get when you search for it.

Yes, it is a diffusion of knowledge, Technology in our case. A technical fest @ mindtree is called as Osmosis. This fest will be spread across for around 3 months. It started in October when I just joined. There were lots of competitions held through out this 3 months like paper presentation, patterns and lots to name it including daily quizs. Between it had Antaakshari aswell in its basket to add some flavour to the techies..

And today was the conclusion day for all these and was done in grand style. * * Today fest started at 9AM with the lighting of lamp and our chief guest was CIO of BurgerKing and the speaker was Jnanapeeta award winner Mr.U.R. AnanthMurthy.
* Later there was a morning refreshments.
* Pre lunch there were two session one for R&D Services n the other for IT Services on Technology Transformation.
* A rock band of MindTree played some beautiful instruments during lunch hr.
* Post lunch there was a panel discussion along with paper presentation by the winners parallely and a valedictory which formally ends our technical fest.

There were around 35 stalls throughout the day to share their their knowledge with the visitors. They had lots of competitions n gifts to give away to attract the visitors to thier stalls.

But now our technical was extended with cultural. There was a mindblowing contemparory dance by Abhinava Dance Academy who performed "OJOS" (means brightness) which was specially choreographed for MindTree(tha dha, raasaleela, nigaah, kadam kadam - theme of the dances) followed by a home performance again with a awesome contemporary dance (theme ocean).


Time Management

one more point I noticed here was, no one was allowed in between any of the talks. Either we need to go and sit before the talk starts or will have to join for the next talk. This was done only to show courtesey to the speakers as they tell !!

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    Friday, December 08, 2006  

Yet another into my pocket

Went to a Nokia dealer in GandhiBazaar to buy an earphone for my Samsung c230 phone which was in my pocket. He gave that for Rs.270 and even I paid it through my CC(CreditCard).

Then suddenly it splashed to my mind for a new mob as couple of keys in my current mob were not working. Then checked for a mob with only constraint for a FM. So checked some basic Nokia models which i didnt liked. So then remem an Ad from Motorola of their new flip model with FM. So jus asked for it and I really liked and thought worth for the price.

Okie...the model is named W220 but plz dont ask y d name ;)

some features of it goes like this jus for Rs.3950/-

Personalisation / Fun Features
FM Radio: listen via headset (stereo) or speaker
Alert types: Expressive Status Icons
Downloadable Themes (Ringtones, Wallpaper & Screensavers)
Audio Player: MIDI, SP-MIDI, AMR and iMelody Downloadable Games

Call Management Features
Recall last calls;last 20 calls made,last 20 calls received/missed,call number

Lifestyle Features
Currency Converter

Messaging Features
EMS & MMS Messaging
SMS Chat one-to-one: Chat with T9 predictive text input

Performance Features
Talktime: up to 497 mins
Bands: GSM 900/1800
Standby Time: up to 293 hours

Data Features
Connectivity: GPRS Class 8 (1U/4D), WAP 2.0

Technical Specifications
Weight: 93g
Dimensions: 46.70 x 95.00 x 16.70 mm
Memory: 500kb user + 600 phonebook +250 SMS
Form Factor
Battery: 850.00 mAh
Volume: 74 cc
Display Type: 128 x 128 65k color CSTN
Antenna: Internal

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    Tuesday, December 05, 2006  

Know more abt ME !!!
12 August 1982

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    Monday, November 27, 2006  

A day with old colleague frnds...

Saturday was full of joy with my x-comp colleagues as we all had been to Patel’s Inn for a team outing. Patel’s Inn is situated near RT Nagar. At around 9:30Am in the morning 6 of us left to PI from Raghi’s house. We reached there by around 10:30Am. By that time the team was present over there and all of us kick started the day by breakfast. Then there was an Inaugural song by Divya followed by a musical chair. Then we divided ourselves into 4 teams for all our team events starting with the cricket. As other two teams were free, they moved towards gokarting followed by the batsmans who had already finished their turns. So cricket was stopped due to environmental problems. Then some more joined gokarting where I moved to play Badminton with the managers.

After badminton we had a break for lunch and again others moved toward gokarting to finish their turns including me. Finally all of us were back in a single location for housie. After housie there was an Ad-Mads from Raghi’s team which performed really well imitating our managers. All of us enjoyed the show and after that our GM left as he had to catch a flight @ 6Pm. Then we continued with dumb charades and had lotto fun. Finally the outing was terminated by a farewell gift to ME. So officially I was out of my project from that day ;)

Then Me, raghi, divya, Mani, satish and sellappan went to Nithin’s house as it was near to Patels Inn. We spend some time in his awesome n beautiful colony along with his son named Rohan. Later we went out to Doddi’s Resort for dinner and came back home by 12 in the night.

A rememberable day came to an END..............

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    Wednesday, November 15, 2006  

Hyderabad blues ….

I was the first to catch the Tempo Traveller that CSP had booked near Ramakrishna Ashram at around 6:50PM. Later CSP n CK joined near Chamarajpet. Then it was at the Petrol pump in kasturba road where in all the remaining 6 people joined us namely Vish, Ravi, Nazish, Ashwin, Joji and Joji’s frnd. It was already around 7:40PM when we left that petrol bunk filling our TT’s tummy.

Soon after around 10mins past, we started looking at the driver’s DVD collections as we had booked Video coach TT. We decided to watch “The Italian Job”. At around 9PM our stomach started to bark and thought of putting something to it. So we stopped near some so called “raja dhaba” which was situated just around 11km before bagepalli. By that time even we had finished our Italian Job aswell. We had our dinner along with d dogs out there!!! and left at around 11:30Pm from there..

It was 8’o clock in the morning when we entered ISB campus for the registration which starts at 9 while Joji and his friend got down before as they had different plans all together. We called up santhosh and directly went to his room to get freshen up. Finally all of us were seated by 10 and the conclave started as per the time. We had a good inauguration and the day went very well… The program ended by 5:45pm in the evening. Then we had discussions for about 30mins and it was 630pm when CSP decided to stay back with his friend Santhosh in ISB itself as they had met after a very long time. So remaining 6 of us left the campus with our own plans and moved towards Hyderabad Central. Ashwin was dropped on the way to his friend’s place.

Remaining 6 of us including sriki who joined us in Hyderabad went to central. Thought of booking a hotel over there , go n sit in some pub to relax ourselves, have dinner n goto bed. This was our plans when we got down @ central. But adeno gaade idyalla “taanondu nenedare vidhiyondu bageyithu” anta. We kept searching for a hotel, but we couldnot get even an average hotel. We luked ard 10 hotels atleast for over 1.5hrs but were in wane. By this time v were very hungry and thought of hitting some restaurant for dinner skipping our pub plan. Then we went in to some “Hyderabad Corner”. But we couldn’t even sit over there. So v escaped from there and saw a gud restaurant opposite to that named “Step In Bakery and Restaurant”. We went there and ordered the starters. Myself n sriki ordered veg while other four ordered 2 Hyderabad Chicken biryani. The waiter asked a normal or a large. They ordered for LARGE. Startes came n was nil in no min. Then there it arrived a LARGE Hyderabad chicken biryani where all of us were fainted seeing one’s quantity but then the other also followed it. Finally all 4 of them finished one LARGE with difficulty. Luckily we veggies didn’t find any difficulties. We paid the bill and came out. As we were quite tired, thought of using the lift to go down.. There again had an amazing experience !!.

So now we were on road without a place to stay. So then we decided to stay in sriki’s room and went. We had a nice sleep and got up at around 8:30 in the morning. CK left to his cousin’s place and he would be joining us in the late afternoon. We got to know that sriki know palm astrology. So there was their own turn to everyone to know about them. So we got dressed up and started towards ISB. On the way we picked Ashwin and also had our breakfast. We reached ISB at 12:30pm and had a real hot discussions regarding piracy where vish really boxed all alone. Then we talked about roadmap of Mukta. We got our food delivered from Hyderabad house and had along with our discussions. Then we thought of roaming around the campus with some photo sessions before leaving. The campus was really amazing and enjoyd a lot thru out the campus tour. Joji and his friends joined us @ 6:30pm in ISB and we started to head toward Bangalore. We reached back our home at around 6:30 in the morning and there on my routine day life started……………….

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